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Month: May 2014

Introducing Insight Genesis Social Map

Minnesota-Wisconsin Social Map DotsAs many of you know,  Insight Genesis is a cloud-based software solution that allows anyone to quickly turn recorded sonar logs (SLG and SL2) into beautiful contour maps complete with vegetation and bottom-hardness layers with no additional effort.  All of the heavy lifting is done by powerful cloud servers to automatically create maps in minutes.  What many don’t know is that Genesis offers a “BEST OF BOTH WORLDS” private or public option.  And now we’re announcing why . . .

We’ve made it a priority to allow you to keep your data private at upload but the powerful nature of the cloud allows us to work together to map lakes by combining public data uploaded to the system.  That combined user data layer is coming available in the upcoming release of SOCIAL MAP.  Finally, an answer to all the questions about why Genesis public data is valuable.  This is for you!

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Map now for fantastic Fishing Opener success

Reid Miller larger view map
Tournament angler Reid Miller is using Insight Genesis to make a custom map of one of his favorite smallmouth fisheries. After recording his sonar data in few more trips, he’ll have a complete map of this lake that is way more accurate than any map he could buy on paper or an SD chip.

Waiting for your fishing season opener? Stop biding your time and start mapping your success. Now’s a great time to locate previously uncharted fish-holding structure on your favorite fisheries by making custom Insight Genesis lake maps.

That’s what tournament angler Reid Miller’s been up to in the days and weeks leading up to Minnesota’s bass season opener on May 24. Making a custom map of one of his favorite smallmouth fisheries – a small reservoir lake near where he grew up in central Minnesota – is as easy as recording a sonar log to an SD chip in his Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 2 Touch and then uploading that data to the Insight Genesis website. A Genesis subscriber, Miller can then load his custom map back onto his HDS 7 and use it on the water to find structure that many off-the-shelf maps do not show.

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