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Custom C-MAP Genesis contour map aids anglers in World Predator Classic


To help competitors catch more and bigger fish in the World Predator Classic, our pro-staffers used C-MAP Genesis to create the most detailed map ever seen of the tournament venue, 11,600-hectare Haringvliet near Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands.

Our C-MAP Genesis system helps anglers find fish fast by offering them free downloads of community-sourced contour charts from Social Map, enabling them to create their own custom contour maps of un-mapped bodies of water, and helping them discover and dissect potential tournament-winning spots that don’t appear on store-bought marine maps.

World-Predator-Classic“It says a lot about commitment to the World Predator Classic to devote time and resources to guarantee that our competitors get the best possible fishing map,” says Ross Honey, organizer of the WPC. “With such a highly detailed C-MAP Genesis contour map, no matter where in the world our anglers come from, they’ll be able to fish Haringvliet with the confidence of a local.”

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To create a high-definition C-MAP Genesis map of Haringvliet for the World Predator Classic, we enlisted pro-staffer Danny Geysen (pictured above), who used the sonar/GPS unit on his boat to survey the waterbody. The sonar data from multiple trips Geysen made on the water was aggregated into a high-definition chart, complete with one-foot, blue-scaled depth contours. Light blue indicates shallower water; dark blue, deeper water.

02 Zuid-Holland COLLAGE -- FB friendly -- w LOGOsHaringvliet features steep drop-offs, holes, shallow flats and sunken islands/humps (example in image above, at four zoom levels), saddles and points – just the kind of hidden fish-holding structure C-MAP Genesis excels at uncovering (to see more exmaples, click to zoom in on the collage images below). Not only do C-MAP Genesis maps show you where such areas are located – so you can speed directly to them, rather than slowly idling around searching for them – they also show your boat’s position on the map in relation to them, making it easy to make repeated, pinpoint casts to the strike zone.

World Predator Classic competitors who want to use the C-MAP Genesis map in the tournament can download it for free from Social Map at this link. The Haringvliet map – and many, many more – is available for free download not just for anglers fishing in the World Predator Classic, but also for anyone who opens a free C-MAP Genesis account. A free account provides access to thousands of free, high-definition contour maps of lakes close to home, across the country and around the world. Sign up for a free account here:


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