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Month: May 2017

How to use multiple C-MAP Genesis charts on your sonar/GPS unit

2-maps-on-same-unit-2-panel-collageDid you know you can use multiple C-MAP Genesis charts on the same SD card or mini-SD card? This functionality is available for charts downloaded for free from Social Map and for custom maps that Genesis Edge subscribers create with sonar recordings made with their own Lowrance depthfinders.

“We/ve made C-MAP Genesis maps as easy to use as possible,” says C-MAP’s Greg Konig. “We know keeping track of multiple SD cards can be difficult, as they are easily misplaced and lost. This advancement allows anglers, cruisers and sailors to keep their C-MAP Genesis custom maps conveniently stored on the same card, for easy use on the water.”  

microsd-cardPreviously, only one C-MAP Genesis map could be saved on an SD card for use on the water. Note, however, that multiple maps won’t all display at the same time on your GPS/sonar unit, but they will be easily accessible via the “Chart Options” window in your sonar units’ Chart page. This is a feature for HDS Gen2, Gen3 and Carbon units only, at this time.

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To enjoy all C-MAP Genesis features, update your sonar/GPS unit’s software

Software-update-screenWhen was the last time you updated the software on your boat’s sonar/GPS unit(s)? If you don’t remember, it’s time to install an update!

To enjoy all the C-MAP Genesis features of which your sonar-GPS unit is capable, you must be running up-to-date software. A recent software upgrade, for example, enables Genesis Edge subscribers to assign custom colors to highlight depth ranges that are of the most interest to them (stay tuned to this blog for for a soon-to-be published how-to article!). Additionally, if your sonar/GPS unit is not running up-to-date software, your C-MAP Genesis (formerly known as Insight Genesis) charts will not likely display properly — or not display at all, in some cases. Outdated software can also result in maps that are slow to load and/or slow to refresh as you drive across the water.

Click “Continue reading …” below for step-by-step instructions. Learn better by watching than reading? Watch THIS VIDEO.

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How to back up waypoints before upgrading software for new C-MAP Genesis features

06-saved-s-usrTo keep up with new C-MAP Genesis features, anglers and boaters must occasionally download and install new software (often also called “firmware”) to enable their sonar/GPS unit to run the latest and the greatest. A software update in 2015, for example, allowed Genesis Edge subscribers to set custom color palettes to highlight the depth ranges that are of most interest to them.

But before you upgrade your software/firmware, we recommend you first back-up all of your waypoints, tracks and trails by saving them on an SD card.

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How to record C-MAP Genesis sonar logs with a Lowrance sonar/GPS unit

Record Sonar Collage

Record Sonar CollageAfter hearing anglers everywhere — including 2013 Bassmaster Classic Champion Randy Howell — talking about how much easier it is to find and catch fish using C-MAP Genesis custom contour maps, you’re likely asking yourself “How do I get in on this?”

The first step to creating your own custom C-MAP Genesis (formerly know as Insight Genesis) contour maps is to record sonar logs created with the soundings from the transducer on your own boat. This article provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions to do that with compatible* sonar/GPS units.

Repeat the process detailed below every hour to 90 minutes on the water. Genesis servers can more quickly process 6 one-hour files than one 6-hour file.

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