Manage Aquatic Resources, Fisheries, and Invasive Species from your recorded sonar logs.


Use cloud-based software and GIS automation to create objective aquatic maps for aquatic resource assessment and management.

BioBase Collect


BioBase empowers anyone from your organization to collect aquatic habitat information using inexpensive, yet sophisticated consumer sonar and GPS. While on the lake, the depth finders passively collect data and store it to an SD card. It’s really that easy! Record the raw sonar and GPS from Lowrance or Simrad Sounders/Chartplotters (.slg, .sl2, .sl3) as you travel over areas of interest in almost any waterway including ponds, lakes, rivers, coastal areas, harbors.

BioBase Upload


Upload the log files (.slg, .sl2 and and .sl3 format) from compatible Lowrance or Simrad units. Upload the data from your card or directly from select Lowrance or Simrad units to a private online account. Cloud-based servers run custom algorithms that will rapidly process and create interactive maps, standardized summary reports, and exportable spatial data layers. You’ll receive an email alerting you when your trip is done processing along with a link to view your trip. Learn More…

BioBase Analyze


Our software creates interactive maps that make it easy to measure waterbody characteristics. Using your internet-enabled PC or mobile device, replay your trip and verify map outputs, view automated reports, perform detailed spatial analyses with custom-created polygons, even perform precise herbicide treatment calculations with our UPI Treatment Tool. Export to ArcGIS to perform advanced spatial analyses or make custom maps. Learn More…

Within minutes of upload, analyze data, view layered maps and examine key metrics.

BioBase and Lowrance

BioBase + Lowrance

Fisheries biologists whom electrofish to sample fish populations find tremendous value when pairing a Lowrance HDS with Biobase. This partnership helps them monitor boat functions, scan for hazards and fish habitat, all the while creating habitat maps with BioBase. This creates a method for them to correlate habitat conditions with their catches.

Insight Genesis Social Map

Insight Genesis Social Map

Free, global, online presentation of inland and coastal marine map contour data generated by the GoFree community of users. Anyone with a GoFree account (which includes BioBase users) has unlimited access to the Insight Genesis Social Map and can also export maps for use on the water.

Take a Tour of BioBase

See this solution in action, by logging into our demo account. There you can interact with the lake mapping interface to view reports and maps in a demo account.



GIS Services

Need a custom map or analysis? Our GIS Services could serve your need. Navico offers custom GIS services where interested customers fill out an order form specifying their needs. Navico GIS staff will transfer the appropriate BioBase data to ArcMap 10.x and any ancillary GIS shapefiles (e.g., sampling waypoints or other points of interest) and produce a custom-sized, high resolution digital map that you can have printed online or at a local print shop. Learn More…