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C-MAP Creates custom Genesis Edge map for Soner Euro Nitro Cup 2016


To help anglers catch more and bigger fish in the Soner Euro Nitro Cup 2016, tournament sponsor C-MAP used its innovative C-MAP Genesis marine-mapping service to create the most detailed contour map ever seen of the tournament venue, 6,332-hectare Embalse de Cijara, in Spain.

American Lowrance Pro Casey Ashley, 2015 Bassmaster Classic Champion

The Soner Euro Nitro Cup is Europe’s most important black bass tournament. All the best European anglers will be there to compete for the grand prize, a Tracker boat. And for the first time in the tournament’s history, a top American bass pro, 2015 Bassmaster Classic Winner Casey Ashley, will compete against Europe’s best.

Like other anglers in the tournament, Ashley will be aided in finding and catching more and bigger fish by studying the one-foot contours on the Insight Genesis fishing maps loaded in his Lowrance HDS Gen3 units. The C-MAP Genesis system helps anglers find fish fast by offering them free downloads of community-sourced contour charts from Social Map, enabling them to create their own custom contour maps of un-mapped bodies of water, and helping them discover and dissect potential tournament-winning spots that don’t appear on store-bought marine maps.

Cijara features steep drop-offs, holes, shallow flats and sunken islands/humps, saddles and points – just the kind of hidden fish-holding structure Insight Genesis excels at uncovering.


French GoFree/Lowrance Pro-Staffer Kevin Hernandez

“It says a lot about commitment to the Soner Euro Nitro cup 2016 to devote time and resources to guarantee that our competitors get the best possible fishing map,” says Maria Jesus Chus Picaza, organizer of the Soner Euro Nitro cup 2016. “With such a highly detailed C-MAP Genesis contour map, no matter where in the world our anglers come from, they’ll be able to fish Cijara with the confidence of a local.”

To create such a high-definition C-MAP Genesis map of Cijara for the Soner Euro Nitro Cup 2016, C-MAP enlisted Genesis and Lowrance pro-staffers Raul Castellano and Stéphane Langlais, who used the Lowrance HDS units on their boats to record sonar logs of the soundings they made across the entire lake. The sonar data from multiple trips they made on the water was aggregated into a high-definition fishing map, complete with one-foot, blue-scaled depth contours. Light blue indicates shallower water; dark blue, deeper water.

Spanish GoFree/Lowrance Pro-Staffer Raul Castellano

Cijara features steep drop-offs, holes, shallow flats and sunken islands/humps, saddles and points – just the kind of hidden fish-holding structure Insight Genesis excels at uncovering. Not only do Genesis maps show you where such areas are located – so you can speed directly to them, rather than slowly idling around searching for them – they also show your boat’s position on the map in relation to them, making it easy to make repeated, pinpoint casts to the strike zone.

Soner Euro Nitro Cup competitors who want to use the Genesis map in the tournament can download it for free* from Social Map at this link. The Cijara map and many, many more are available for free download not just for anglers fishing in the Soner Euro Nitro cup, but also for anyone who opens a free Genesis account. A free account provides access to thousands of free, high-definition contour maps of lakes close to home, across the country and around the world. Sign up for a free account here:

* Registration for a free Genesis account required prior to free download of map files


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Mapping pioneer wins Lowrance HDS Gen3 in 2015 Insight Genesis Canada Challenge

Jason Behm of Massey, Ontario, won the 2015 Insight Genesis Canada Challenge. In this photo, he is displaying a fish he caught on bottom structure he found with Insight Genesis mapping.

In a close competition, Jason Behm of Massey, Ontario, won the 2015 Insight Genesis Canada Challenge, sponsored by Lowrance, GoFree and The Fishin’ Hole retail stores. For mapping the most acres of lake bottoms in Canada with GoFree’s Insight Genesis custom-mapping technology between June and September, Behm has won a Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3 sonar/GPS unit and LSS Structure Scan transducer.

“Thanks Insight Genesis!” Behm said. “In my area, lake maps are few and far between, so scanning and creating your own charts with Insight Genesis is great. You can cover your favorite spots and find new ones to fish.”

Canada-Challenge-logo-screengrabOn the Canadian Shield, “where most lakes are full of rock shoals,” Behm says, “a good map helps you to avoid expensive motor repairs or bad accidents.” Insight Genesis maps also help you catch more and bigger fish.

“I have mapped some old favorite fishing spots to see what makes them great and now I can see why and fish those spots more effectively,” Behm explains.  “You can see the shoals, drop offs and the elusive mid-lake humps, and know the shape and size of them, as well as where your boat is in relation to them, which helps you make the right cast.”

Not only is Insight Genesis a great tool for finding and catching more fish, Behm says, it’s easy to use.

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Map to WIN! in Canada

Canada-Challenge-logo-screengrabBe a mapping pioneer in Canada to WIN! Lowrance, GoFree and The Fishin’ Hole retail stores of Canada are partnering to sponsor the 2015 Insight Genesis Canada Challenge. The Grand Prize is a Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3 sonar/GPS unit.

Each month, June through September, the Canadian angler who records and uploads to Insight Genesis the most acres of sonar logs will win a $200 Fishin’ Hole gift card. All monthly acres uploaded will count towards the  grand prize.

Existing lake maps in Canada are for the most part terrible or non-existent, so by competing in the Canada Challenge, anglers will truly be pioneers, building a database of high-definition maps that will help them find and catch more and bigger fish.  

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Insight Genesis mapping helps college anglers win big on Hartwell

By winning the FLW College Fishing Southeastern Conference tournament May 30th on Georgia’s Lake Hartwell, Clemson University’s Isaac Nesbitt (right) and Ross Burns earned $2,000 for their team. (Photo courtesy Isaac Nesbitt)

Not all brush piles are created equal, says FLW College Fishing Southeastern Conference tournament champion Isaac Nesbitt. Neither are the humps and points they’re sunk on. By mapping those areas with Insight Genesis, he discovered subtle sweet spots that produced the winning fish for him and his Clemson University teammate Ross Burns May 30th on Georgia’s Lake Hartwell.

“One of those places we mapped in practice with Insight Genesis put three extra fish in the boat — one of them our biggest of the day,” says Nesbitt, whose win on Hartwell earned him and his teammate the first Map & Win! contingency prize awarded in Lowrance’s Insight Genesis College Cup program.

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