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Mes: June 2014

Fishin' Hole Contest in Western Canada

tfh_logo(overlap)_transparentBe a mapping pioneer in Western Canada to WIN!!  We’re excited to announce a new contest between Insight Genesis and The Fishin’ Hole retail stores of Western Canada.  Stop in your local Fishin’ Hole store or register online to be eligible for Fishin Hole bucks and an all inclusive trip to fish in beautiful British Columbia at Dave Murphy’s Sportfish Lodge.

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Insight Genesis Social Map charts available to all for FREE download

Minnesota-Wisconsin Social Map DotsOne of the most popular GoFree offerings is Insight Genesis Social Map, an online treasury of FREE downloadable maps for waterbodies close to home, across the country and around the world.

Insight Genesis Social Map went live in the summer of 2016, providing a first look at how community-sourced Insight Genesis sonar data are improving maps for the betterment of anglers and boaters around the world.  Available in both free and premium Insight Genesis subscriptions, Social Map charts are accessible, searchable and available for FREE download on the right-hand side of the Insight Genesis dashboard (see image below).

The first step to downloading free Insight Genesis Social Map charts is registering for a free Insight Genesis account, which you can do HERE. Continue reading for more information about the free contour charts available for download from the Insight Genesis Social Map.

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Need Smaller Files for Upload to Genesis?

HDSWe’ve heard from a few users that files are getting big and take a long time to upload to a Genesis account.  It’s true that more data is better and you could lose some advance functionality but all map layers can be created by the 200kHz signal.  Our algorithms look at all information available and Genesis will even provide trip replay with both the required 200 kHz signal and 455/800 Downscan when available, but smaller files can be much more manageable for slow connection upload speeds.  The current upload tool compresses all sonar log files so the upload is faster but there’s a lot of information in there and files are still very large.

Here are a couple quick hints to reduce file sizes and make your uploads easier:

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Are you ‘digging’ in the wrong place?

Remember why Indiana Jones got to the Ark of the Covenant a step ahead of the bad guys? They were digging in the wrong place!

If your fishing buddies are catching limits when you’re getting skunked, it could be for a similar reason – you’re digging … er, fishing … in the wrong place. Could be you’ve got a bad map.

Recall that in “Raiders,” the bad guys had, essentially, a bad map – only one side of the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra. But with both sides of the headpiece, Indy had the map he needed to locate, with precision accuracy, the Ark’s hiding place.  If only you could get a similar advantage to find fish on your favorite lake …

Spoiler alert – you can. You can get Insight Genesis.

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