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Insight Genesis works with Mac and PC computers

The Insight Genesis web-upload tool enables both PC and Mac upload of sonar data.  This feature is available for both Premium subscribers and free-account users.

With the web-upload tool, you can upload your sonar-log files directly from your account. Eliminating the need to download and install a desktop application for uploading sonar data, the web-upload tool works with all computer types. You access it through your Insight Genesis dashboard.

GoFree continues to support and make available the Microsoft Windows-based desktop upload tool for PC users. Mac users must use the web-upload tool. 

1. Click the web-upload tool button located on the right-hand side of your Genesis dashboard, the top link under the header « Resources » (as shown in the image below).

Web Upload Tool

2. If you have not already, insert into your computer’s SD-card slot (or into a card reader connected via USB cord/device) the SD card/mini-SD card on which you saved your sonar log (.sl2, .slg or .sl3) files

3. Click the button labeled « Add Sonar Logs » located at the bottom-left-hand side of the « Upload Sonar Logs » page.

4. On your desktop, locate and click the icon for the folder containing your SD card/mini-SD card’s files

5. Simultaneously push your « Apple » and « A » buttons to select all the sonar-log files (.sl2, .slg or .sl3) saved on your card and then click the « Open » button located in the bottom right-hand corner of the pop-up window (Note: If you have saved anything on the SD card in addition to the sonar-log files, do NOT use the select-all method; rather, you will need to manually and individually select each sonar-log file you would like to upload. Therefore, if you have other things saved on your SD card, it’s easiests and less time-consuming to simply create a separate folder on your SD card for your sonar-log files, open that folder and complete the select-all process while within that open folder)

6. Once all your sonar-log files populate the « Upload Sonar Logs » window, click the « Start Upload » button located at the bottom left-hand corner of the window.

7. After reading the message « By clicking Upload, you agree to the Terms and Conditions for Insight Genesis: » click the « Upload » button located at the bottom, left-hand side of the small pop-up window. If you want to, before you click « Upload, » you may review the terms and conditions to which you are agreeing by clicking the blue-highlighted text that reads « Terms an Conditions. »

8. A green-shaded progress bar located near the middle of the bottom of the « Upload Sonar Logs » window will keep you apprised of how much of your data you have uploaded so far and give you an indication of how much more data remains to upload.

9. If your computer « goes to sleep » or the switches over to screen-saver mode, your upload process will likely stall out, so go into your Mac’s settings to temporarily set your screen-saver setting for « Never » when you are uploading sonar logs.

10. After each of your files upload, you will get an email alerting you that it’s ready to view in the the Insight Genesis dashboard. Once you’ve received an email about each file, the process is complete.

The web-upload tool works on Macs and PC computers, provided your compatible Lowrance, Simrad or B&G sonar/GPS unit is running the most up-to-date software. Software updates are free and can be found HERE.

Note: Some older computers with limited RAM may see a reduction in performance, as some browsers will put the uploaded sonar-log file in memory before trying to stream it. Users with older, non-Mac computers are encouraged to use the desktop upload tool.

We recommend keeping files between 50-100MBs — or approximately 1-2 hours of sonar recording.  Need to make smaller file for faster upload? Check this out:  Make Smaller Files Blog.


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