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(English) How to update to Genesis Upload Tool v2.0.0.0

Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en anglais américain. Pour le confort de l’utilisateur, le contenu est affiché ci-dessous dans une autre langue. Vous pouvez cliquer le lien pour changer de langue active.

Time for new upload tool promptBy now, you’ve probably seen this message atop your C-MAP Genesis* dashboard: « In order to upload new C-MAP Genesis sonar files with a desktop-based upload tool, you will need to upgrade to v2.0.0.0 of the upload tool. » Click « Read More » below to learn how.

* Following an ownership change, the custom mapping tool previously known as Insight Genesis is now called C-MAP Genesis. However, some « Insight Genesis » images/logos/references/etc. in our system remain to be updated.

Like its predecessor,  our new desktop-based tool allows you to quickly and easily upload sonar-log files (.sl2, .slg or .sl3 files) to C-MAP Genesis* in order to create your own custom fishing maps. The desktop-based upload toolis faster than our Web Upload tool and does not require you to leave your computer on with the screen-saver and sleep options disabled (as does the Web Upload tool). We recommend that Genesis users with PCs use the desktop-based upload tool. Mac users, for now, are limited to the Web Upload tool however.

Note to College Cup competitors: You MAY use the desktop-based Upload tool on your PC — you DO NOT have to use the Web Upload tool embedded on the College Cup website. No matter which upload tool College Cup competitors use, their username and password will ensure that their sonar-log uploads count toward their total acreage in the competition.

Following are step-by-step instructions for installing the new desktop-based upload tool on your PC:

  1. Click the “Insight Genesis Upload Tool” icon on your PC’s desktop (as you can see in the bottom-right corner of the image below, your PC might cut off the full name of the icon)Upload tool on PC desktop
  2. In the dialog box that pops up (see image below), you will be asked « Would you like to close this window and download the new Insight Genesis Upload Tool? » Click the « Yes » button.New Upload Tool Availabe
  3. After clicking the « Yes » button, the new upload tool installer file will automatically begin downloading to your computer. The file name will be: C-MapGenesisUploadTool_2_0.exe
    1. Depending on how your computer is set up, the upload tool installer might download to your desktop, a downloads folder, or to a bar at the bottom of your web browser (see images below):Upload tool in download barC-MapGenesisUploadTool_2_0.exe
  4. After you’ve located the file named C-MapGenesisUploadTool_2_0.exe, double-click it
    1. Depending on your PC or network’s security settings, you might receive a message double-checking if you want to run the software (image below is an example — any message you might receive could look different). If you get a message like this, click the button marked “Run”Security Warning
    2. In the pop-up window that opens (see image below), click the « Set-up » button.WinZip-Self extractor
    3. A new pop-up window will then appear (see image below), with this phrase at the top: “Welcome to the C-MAP Genesis Upload Tool Setup Wizard.” … Click the button marked “Next” at the bottom of the pop-up window.
    4. Read the End-User License Agreement
    5. Click the check-box to the left of the phrase “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” (it’s located in the bottom, left-hand corner of the pop-up window)
    6. Click the box marked “Next” (it’s located in the bottom, right-hand corner of the pop-up window)
    7. This phrase should appear in a new pop-up window: “All prerequisites found! Click Next to proceed …” As prompted, click the button marked “Next” (it’s located near the bottom, right-hand corner of the pop-up window)
    8. This phrase should appear in a new pop-up window: “Click Install to begin the installation,” followed by some additional information. … As prompted, click the button marked “Install”. (it’s located near the bottom, right-hand corner of the pop-up window)
    9. Wait a few moments
    10. In a new pop-window, you will see the phrase “Completed the C-MAP Genesis Upload Tool Setup Wizard” followed by this prompt: “Click the Finish button to exit the Setup Wizard.” … As prompted, click the button marked “Finish” (it’s located near the bottom, right-hand corner of the pop-up window).
    11. The pop-up window will disappear. The installation process is now complete. The C-Map Genesis upload tool is now loaded on your desktop and ready to use. You can open the upload tool by locating it’s icon on your desktop and clicking it. The icon will look like this:
    12. Clicking the icon pictured above will open the upload tool dashboard’s log-in page, which looks like this:
    13. If you are familiar with the process of uploading sonar-log files, you can stop reading now. … If you are new to Genesis, proceed to Step 14 below.
    14. To open and use the upload tool, you will need to enter the email address and password associated with your Insight Genesis account.
    15. From here, the process is similar to selecting a photo to post to Facebook — simply click « Select Files » and a pop-up box will open. Within it, you can find and select all the sonar-log files (.sl2, .slg or .sl3 files) you’ve recorded and saved to a folder on your computer
    16. Once you’ve located the file(s) you want to upload, highlight it/them and click « Open » near the bottom-right side of the pop-up window.
    17. If you have a Premium membership, you have the option to mark your sonar log(s) as private (which would make that data available only to you, prevent it from ever being added to the C-MAP Genesis Social Map)
      • To ensure that your data is contributed, like a puzzle piece, and aggregated with thousands of other anglers’ data in the ever-growing Social Map, do NOT click « Keep Private »
    18. Now, click the gray « Upload » button
    19. A pop-up box containing our Privacy Policy will open. After reading the policy language, click the gray « Accept » button
    20. Your files should immediately begin uploading. Green bars will indicate each upload’s progress.
    21. Once each files finish compressing and uploading, a green circle with an check-mark in it will appear following the file’s name and under the « Status » heading will be the designation « Complete. »
    22. Once all your files successfully upload, you close the upload tool by clicking the red X in the upper right-hand corner of the upload tool window.
    23. Soon, you will receive an email about every sonar file you uploaded, letting you know that it has been turned into a map and is ready to view. To learn how to view the maps you’ve made, merge multiple sonar files into a master map and how to download the map files to an SD card for use in your compatible Lowrance, Simrad or B&G sonar/GPS unit, click HERE.

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