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Use Insight Genesis to locate hidden fish-holding structure

Ozarks Sanford3
Without Insight Genesis’ extremely accurate mapping, it would have been next to impossible to identify the key spots identified on the custom map in this screenshot.

Creating custom maps with Insight Genesis will help you find more fish-holding structure faster. Interpreting and using those maps is the next step in catching more and bigger fish.

We recently asked a Lowrance pro-staffers to record sonar data while fishing on Lake Keowee and Lake of the Ozarks and then upload the data to Insight Genesis and make custom maps. We then asked a few other pro-staffers to look at the maps and describe how they would use the contour layer to target fish, based on fish behaviors. We didn’t even give them the vegetation or composition layers and they still came up with some great spots on Lake Keowee and Lakes of Ozarks to target.

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Better map-making makes for better fishing

community 7v2
Insight Genesis maps show contours, humps and holes (blue areas) that many other maps simply miss (gray areas).

You’ve heard the  saying, “Good data in, good data out. Bad data in, bad data out.” For fishermen, that means “Good map, good fishing. Bad map …” Well, you get the idea.

A bad map is the result of bad data. And many available fishing maps were built from bad data. That makes them … well, not good. Not nearly as good as you might have thought they were. Insight Genesis maps, however, show contours and fish-holding bottom structure based on good data – data you collect by recording and uploading your own sonar logs.

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Insight Genesis BASS Nation Contest

logo-primaryThanks to a fantastic collaboration with B.A.S.S., Lowrance is excited to announce an Insight Genesis B.A.S.S. Nation Challenge with $150,000 in prize giveaways.  Who wants to win some great Lowrance HDS and Elite units?

Between now and December 31, 2014, this free contest is open to every B.A.S.S. Nation member. Awards will be given to Individuals and clubs that upload the most Insight Genesis-logged acres from a compatible* Lowrance chartplotter, monthly and annually.

Anglers with the most acres uploaded annually in each state will also receive awards. The challenge is not only a great way for anglers to win the latest Lowrance technology, it also helps improve the accuracy and breadth of mapped Insight contour data across the United States.

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Insight Genesis Contest – TBF Federation Challenge

TBF logoWe’re excited to announce the Insight Genesis TBF Challenge with $100,000 in marine electronics prizes. Between now and December 31, 2014, the free contest is open to all The Bass Federation members.

Monthly and annual prizes will be awarded to individuals and TBF state associations that record the most acres of sonar recordings from compatible* Lowrance chartplotters, then upload those recordings to the Insight Genesis website. TBF members can build a personal database of mapping information while also contributing data they mark as public into an aggregated database to help crowd source the effort for all anglers.

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