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Attend a FREE Lowrance Electronics & Insight Genesis Mapping Seminar Near You!

Seminar-ScreengrabAre you ready to see what you’ve been missing in the water you fish? Are you ready to see everything?

Even frequent users of Lowrance electronics will tell you – in hushed tones, after swearing you to secrecy – that although they love their HDS units, they don’t know how to use all the fish-finding features packed into them. « Don’t worry, » we tell them, « you’re not the only one! » We’ve even heard longtime touring bass pros say they don’t know how to use every feature in their Lowrance unit, and that if they’d take the time to learn to use them better, they’d probably finish better in tournaments.

So we’re offering free 1-on-1 training sessions from Lowrance pro-staffers on how to best set up your Lowrance electronics to find and catch fish, including training on Insight Genesis custom mapping.

But wait, there’s more!

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Bait shop owner signs up for Insight Genesis, wins Lowrance HDS-7 Gen 2 Touch

HDS-7 Gen 2 TouchOf all the new rods and reels, tackle and tools, gizmos and gadgets he saw last week at ICAST, the country’s largest sport-fishing convention, bait shop owner Chris Wenzel had only one thing on his mind as he flew home to Wisconsin ­– catching trophy smallmouth bass with Insight Genesis custom contour maps.

“I’ve been telling everybody about Insight Genesis – I told people at the airport about it on the way home!” says Wenzel, a smallmouth fanatic who has fished in both Bassmaster and FLW tournaments, along with numerous regional derbies. “My girlfriend said ‘Out of everything at ICAST, I can tell that Insight Genesis was the one thing you got really excited about.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s something I’ll actually use!”

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Map now for fantastic Fishing Opener success

Reid Miller larger view map
Tournament angler Reid Miller is using Insight Genesis to make a custom map of one of his favorite smallmouth fisheries. After recording his sonar data in few more trips, he’ll have a complete map of this lake that is way more accurate than any map he could buy on paper or an SD chip.

Waiting for your fishing season opener? Stop biding your time and start mapping your success. Now’s a great time to locate previously uncharted fish-holding structure on your favorite fisheries by making custom Insight Genesis lake maps.

That’s what tournament angler Reid Miller’s been up to in the days and weeks leading up to Minnesota’s bass season opener on May 24. Making a custom map of one of his favorite smallmouth fisheries – a small reservoir lake near where he grew up in central Minnesota – is as easy as recording a sonar log to an SD chip in his Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 2 Touch and then uploading that data to the Insight Genesis website. A Genesis subscriber, Miller can then load his custom map back onto his HDS 7 and use it on the water to find structure that many off-the-shelf maps do not show.

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Use Insight Genesis to locate hidden fish-holding structure

Ozarks Sanford3
Without Insight Genesis’ extremely accurate mapping, it would have been next to impossible to identify the key spots identified on the custom map in this screenshot.

Creating custom maps with Insight Genesis will help you find more fish-holding structure faster. Interpreting and using those maps is the next step in catching more and bigger fish.

We recently asked a Lowrance pro-staffers to record sonar data while fishing on Lake Keowee and Lake of the Ozarks and then upload the data to Insight Genesis and make custom maps. We then asked a few other pro-staffers to look at the maps and describe how they would use the contour layer to target fish, based on fish behaviors. We didn’t even give them the vegetation or composition layers and they still came up with some great spots on Lake Keowee and Lakes of Ozarks to target.

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