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Get on top of fish under the ice with Insight Genesis maps

Glorvigens-Ice-Genesis-COLLAGECustom contour maps made on open water this summer will help you catch fish through the hardwater this winter.

“Insight Genesis is a great tool to help you locate and catch more fish during the hard-water season,” says leading walleye pro Scott Glorvigen. “We’ve got fish on the electronics here and we’ve been catching fish this morning.”

Scott and his twin brother, Marty, are filming a video segment for Wired2Fish on this day. Prior to putting fish on the ice, they spent some time scouting hot spots, driving around on a frozen northern Minnesota lake, studying a custom-made Insight Genesis fishing map on a Lowrance HDS Gen2 sonar/GPS unit mounted above the handlebars of an ATV.

“I’ve got my [Insight Genesis] mapping on that unit and go on the ice just like I would be on open water with my boat,” Scott explains.

Insight Genesis is an innovative service that empowers anglers to make custom contour charts of un-mapped and poorly mapped bodies of water, as well as precisely determine, define, dial in, and dissect small spot-on-the-spot areas on well-mapped waters. The one-foot contours on custom Insight Genesis maps are much more detailed and accurate than the computer-estimated contour lines on many digital charts that come on off-the-shelf map chips.

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Fish open water this fall to catch winter fish through the ice

“Insight Genesis offers several fish-finding tools that are simply not available with any other flasher/depth finder system on the market,” says Lowrance Pro-Staffer Reid Miller.

A tool designed for open-water fishing will help you pull more fish through the ice this winter – Insight Genesis, Lowrance’ custom lake-mapping service.

“Insight Genesis offers several fish-finding tools that are simply not available with any other flasher/depth finder system on the market,” says Lowrance Pro-Staffer Reid Miller. “It’s an extraordinary tool, which I’m using extensively in the open-water season to improve my ice-fishing success this winter.”

Insight Genesis is the innovative, online service that empowers anglers to create custom lake maps from sonar data recorded with the Lowrance sonar unit on their own boats. If you record sonar logs while fishing from the boat in the late fall, the maps you create will help you find fish through the ice in the winter.

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Did South Dakota angler find burial mounds on lake bottom?

Stark-Hump-of-Week-COLLAGEWhen South Dakota angler Paul Stark reviewed a custom fishing map he made with Insight Genesis, he discovered on the lake bottom what he believes could be Native American burial mounds.

« We have them by other lakes in this area of South Dakota, » Paul says.

Indeed, ten burial mounds in the Oakwood Lakes area in nearby Brookings, SD, are « typical of numerous such mounds in eastern South Dakota, » according to the text on a state historical marker there. Those mounds, dated about A.D. 300 to A.D. 1400, according to the historical marker, are probably the remnants of late Woodland or Middle Missouri Cultures.

« All of the mounds are strikingly similar about 3-6 feet high and about 100-150 feet in diameter, » the historical marker reads. « The so-called ‘Mound Builders’ made pottery, stone hammers and projectile points which may still be found in the area. … It is believed that the mounds were built by individuals who carried baskets of earth on their heads and then dumped the dirt to form mounds.”

Shown at one-foot contours at the bottom of a 424-acre lake near Madison, SD, the humps Stark discovered have such steep sides that they appear « almost 3D » on his Insight Genesis map, he says.  « Now that is detail on the humps! Man, I love mapping lakes and seeing stuff like this! »

Paul’s screenshot of these unique lake-bottom structures is this week’s Insight Genesis Hump Day « Hump of the Week. » Have you used Insight Genesis to locate bottom structure not shown previously on any other lake map? Post a screen shot on the Insight Genesis Facebook page and we might feature YOU in our next Hunp of the Week spotlight.  (Click « Continue Reading » to see larger screen shots and learn more)

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Are you ready to see what you’ve been missing in the water you fish? Are you ready to see everything?

Even frequent users of Lowrance electronics will tell you – in hushed tones, after swearing you to secrecy – that although they love their HDS units, they don’t know how to use all the fish-finding features packed into them. « Don’t worry, » we tell them, « you’re not the only one! » We’ve even heard longtime touring bass pros say they don’t know how to use every feature in their Lowrance unit, and that if they’d take the time to learn to use them better, they’d probably finish better in tournaments.

So we’re offering free 1-on-1 training sessions from Lowrance pro-staffers on how to best set up your Lowrance electronics to find and catch fish, including training on Insight Genesis custom mapping.

But wait, there’s more!

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