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GoFree Tier 2 Web Interface

The GoFree Tier 2 Web Interface is designed to allow developers to create web pages and applications that use data from the Navico system. Additionally, the web interface can be used to change settings on the Navico system and control select functions. The GoFree web interface is provided by an HTTP service and a WebSocket server. The WebSocket server is used to bi-directionally send data between the Client (web browser, iPad App, PC Application, etc.) and a selected Navico device.


Ce produit fonctionne uniquement avec ces appareils.Asurez vous de posséder ou d’envisager l’achat d’un des systèmes avant de souscrire à ce produit.

Platforms Model
Microsoft® Windows® 8 and 7 Insight Planner software
Lowrance Elite-7
Lowrance HDS Gen2
Lowrance HDS Gen2 Touch
Simrad Yachting NSE
Simrad Yachting NSS Sport
Simrad Yachting NSS evo2
B&G Zeus Touch
B&G Zeus2