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GoFree Vessel FAQs

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Q: What is an Administrative user?

A: An administrative user is someone with the ability to add new vessel to the GoFree Vessel system. Admin users can assign vessels to bases and can assign people to vessels.

Q: What is a Support user?

A: A support user will have access to vessels assigned to a specific base. Support users can view the dashboard of any vessel in the base that they have been granted access to but cannot edit any content about a vessel. Support users can be granted access to more than one base within any given fleet.

Q: Can I remove a user from my fleet and/or base?

A: An administrator removes other administrator from a fleet by selecting the “My Fleets” page then selecting “edit fleet” then “remove user”. At this point this user will become a “support user” to this fleet. To remove the user from the fleet altogether, go to the “My Fleets” page, open the “Base Location Map” link, select a base location on the left side of the screen, select “Edit users”, and “Remove user”.

Q: What is a Fleet?

A: A fleet is the group of boats that can be located in many different places. Fleet administrators can add new boats and request that the device’s Electronic Serial Number (ESN) be transferred.

Q: What is a Base Location?

A: A base is a sub group of boats that are in the same fleet. Bases are normally designated geographic locations but can also be used to separate boats for other purposes.

Q: What are geofences?

A: Geofences are zones which a fleet administrator can attach to any base in his fleet. There are two geofences available in GoFree Vessel and both can be used to create “exit” alarm or an “entrance” alarm. When a geofence is violated an email will be sent to all designated base support and fleet administrators.

Q: How do I remove a base location?

A: To remove a base location, you must make sure that no vessels are assigned to that base. Bases with vessels assigned to them cannot be removed. Once vessels have been assigned to a different base or fleet, the base is removed by editing it on the Base locations – list page.

Q: Do base locations have administrators?

A: No, administrators are only at the fleet level. Base locations only have a unique list of support users.

Q: Can I have users just see one vessel within a single base location?

A: Since user will be able to see multiple vessel in the fleet, to limit this to one vessel you can set up a unique fleet for any vessel, and limit visibility to just one user.

Q: How do I remove a vessel from a fleet?

A: To remove a vessel from a fleet you must transfer that vessel to another fleet. All the travel history, pictures and users associated with that vessel will not transfer to the new fleet, and will no longer be visible to any users. The history information on every vessel will be retained in the GoFree system after a vessel is transferred.

To Transfer a vessel:

  • Go to the fleet you would like to transfer the vessel to
  • Enter the serial number of the unit you would like to transfer to the fleet
  • Select confirm transfer
  • An email will be sent to the prior fleet administrator who must grant permission for the transfer
  • Once approved, the vessel will be located in the new fleet
  • The new administrator will be notified of the transfer into their fleet

Q: How do I remove a vessel from the GoFree system?

A: Track serial numbers can only be removed from the GoFree Vessel system by the GoFree system administrator. When the administrator removes the vessel, all historic data associated with that device is also removed. To make a request to fully remove a unit from the GoFree Vessel system, contact the GoFree administrator here.

Hint: To remove a unit from an active fleet, set up an “inactive fleet” and transfer it to that fleet. By placing these units into an inactive fleet, all prior history about the unit will be maintained.

Q: How do I add content to my media gallery?

A: Pictures can be added to your media gallery by:

  1. Uploading images from a computer
  2. Uploading images directly from a smartphone or tablet
  3. *Media gallery is an HD feature

Q: How do I connect power to my unit?

A: Connect the power leads directly to the battery without a switch in-between. GoFree Track will automatically shut down from external boat power when voltage is under 10 volts. Placing a switch in-between the battery and the Track module will not allow it to monitor the boats battery when the switch is off.

Q: How much power does the GoFree Track module draw?

A: The GoFree Track module will draw 40 milliamps per hour when left connected to the battery. This is equivalent to two power LEDs on a typical home appliance.

Q: When will my device connect to the GoFree server?

A: When power is first applied to the GoFree Track device the cellular modem will become activated and the device will be ready to receive configuration settings from the server. When the serial number of the device (the ESN #) is loaded and the vessel is configured by the GoFree Vessel configuration pages it will become fully active.

After the first time the device powers up it will connect to the server every 96 seconds (SD) or every 15 seconds (HD), unless an alert occurs and then it will connect instantly after the alert.

Q: Can I get GoFree alert notifications by SMS?

A: Notifications from GoFree are only sent via email. If you would like to be notified of GoFree alerts as if they were being sent via SMS we recommend the one of the following solutions:

  • Establish a new email account with a different provider for just GoFree notices. Then set up your notifications from this email service in such a way that you receive both audio and pop-up notifications.

Q: How do I create a quick link to my boat on a tablet or phone?

A: You can place an icon on your tablet’s home screen and have it link directly to an individual vessel with these simple steps:

Apple Devices:
Launch the Safari browser on Apple’s iOS and navigate to the website or web page you want to add to your home screen. Tap the Share button on the browser’s toolbar — that’s the rectangle with an arrow pointing upward. It’s on the bar at the top of the screen on an iPad, and on the bar at the bottom of the screen on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Tap the Add to Home Screen icon in the Share menu. You’ll be prompted to name the shortcut before tapping the Add button. The shortcut can be dragged around and placed anywhere, including in app folders — just like a normal app icon. (To create app folders on iOS, touch-and-drag an app’s icon onto another app’s icon and hold it there for a moment.) When you tap the icon, it will load the website in a normal tab inside the Safari browser app.

Android Devices:
Launch Chrome for Android and open the website or web page you want to pin to your home screen. Tap the menu button and tap Add to home screen. You’ll be able to enter a name for the shortcut and then Chrome will add it to your home screen. The icon will appear on your home screen like any other app shortcut or widget, so you can drag it around and put it wherever you like. Chrome for Android loads the website as a “web app” when you tap the icon, so it will get its own entry in the app switcher and won’t have any browser interface getting in the way.

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