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GoFree Track™ – Always Recording and Always Available

Maintain peace of mind with 24/7 real-time recording of your boat with GoFree Track™. Leading into unrivaled territory, this is the low-cost vessel monitoring solution for all boat owners. Connecting any boat to the cloud, GoFree Track™ records onboard information to provide boat owners and fleet operators an easy solution to vessel monitoring. You can play back trip recordings that include photos, location tracking, and full engine and navigation data. Additionally, GoFree Track™ provides security alerts, engine alerts and other vessel system information direclty to your email or your online dashboard.


Constantly monitors, logs and transmits important vessel security information, navigation data, usage and sensor data all within the custom parameters that are defined by each vessel.

Battery Back-Up

Internal battery back-up power enables recording and transmitting for up to 30 days after all battery power has been depleted.

Custom Data Inputs & Outputs

Captures and reports the running and alert information of up to 5 engines. Dedicated security sensors, onboard system inputs, system and relay outputs, and information contained on your NMEA 2000 data bus.

Access Data Anywhere

All system and alert data is transmitted and stored directly in the GoFree Cloud, allowing you instant access to the latest recorded vessel information from anywhere.

Universal System

GoFree Track™ has been designed to operate with Navico’s Simrad, Lowrance and B&G brands, as well as other marine electronic brands.

Engine Connectivity

As the only boat telematics hardware on the market today capable of both NMEA 2000 and J1939 diesel engine and electronics data collection, GoFree Track™ is the only choice of boat owners demanding full boat data connectivity.