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Features Free Premium Free (Limited Time Offer)
View and contribute to online Social Map community of inland and coastal waters across the globe with the C-MAP Genesis Social Map
Upload, view, and save your trip history

  • Unlimited sonar log uploads
  • See your boat trail overlaid on a satellite image with your custom map
  • Automatic weather data from each trip to show you potential Trends
Create and download waypoints for you use on your unit
Blue-shaded maps with 1-foot contours from your contour maps — Personal and Social Maps for Lowrance HDS and Simrad evo2 units
Download community submitted Social Maps for use on your onto your Lowrance/ Simrad/ B&G display for use on-the-water
Create, view, and save unlimited custom contour maps made from recordings of the sonar/sounder on your boat:

  • Select high-resolution contour lines (10, 5, 3, & 1-foot) and depth soundings
  • Identify depth transitions with gradually shaded color changes
  • Adjust depths automatically in tidal waters, or with manual offsets
Merge and load custom maps – including both your private custom maps with waypoints, and the C-MAP Genesis Social Map – onto your Lowrance/Simrad/ B&G display for on-the-water use
Merge Up To 12 Trips Per Body Of Water

View and save vegetation/weed-line and bottom-composition layers overlaid on your custom map
Choose to keep your custom maps private*

* Users’ trails, waypoints and other personal data are never exposed to other C-MAP Genesis users