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Here are the Steps to gather the information needed to purchase a Mercury feature enhancement for your VesselView

Step 1:
From any screen, press the Home Key on the touch screen or keypad:
Serial Number - Step 1

Step 2:
From the home screen press the settings key:
Serial Number - Step 2-

Step 3:
From the settings menu select “Feature Unlock”:
Serial Number - Step 3

Step 4:
From the “Feature Unlock” Menu, select which feature you wish to unlock, previously unlocked features will be indicated:
Serial Number - Step 4-

Step 5
You will be shown a feature description, if you wish to continue select “Purchase”:
Serial Number - Step 5-

Step 6
You will be shown the “Mercury Request Code” that you will need to enter when prompted on the GoFree Store website:
Serial Number - Step 6

Step 7
Enter the unlock code that was given to you on the GoFree store and select “Next”, you should then see a message indicating “Success”;
Serial Number - Step 7-