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Need More Out of Insight Genesis? Try BioBase

squareInsight Genesis is a fantastic tool for anglers to more precisely map areas they are most interested in fishing.  However, professional resource managers like DNR invasive plant biologists are finding value also in this automated technology for aquatic habitat assessment and monitoring.  You’ll be glad to hear we have a solution for professionals in the fisheries, aquatic plant, and water resource industries called BioBase. It’s like Insight Genesis but with outputs geared towards scientific research!  BioBase was launched in August of 2011 and initially served the aquatic plant management industry in the US. It has since expanded to all aquatic-resource professionals  across the globe.

BioBase was built from the same platform and technology as Insight Genesis, but differs in several ways, including:

  1. Full aquatic vegetation-density and biovolume heat maps.
  2. Ability to view, edit and export your uploaded data to any non-cloud-based third-party statistical or mapping program
  3. Ability to analyze specific areas of interest within your uploaded or merged trip with a Polygon Tool
  4. Automated summary reports that feature trip summaries and quality-control reports by Navico staff . Here’s an example: .
  5. Organizational structure that allows institutional sharing of data within the organization.
Aquatic resource managers can calculate important metrics for lake management monitoring and recommendations.
Aquatic resource managers can calculate important metrics for lake-management monitoring and recommendations.

These features, and elevated level of service, have brought much value to the professional industries that BioBase serves. If you are an Insight Genesis user looking for ways to modify the service for fisheries or lake management considerations, contact our team at and we can arrange free demos of the system.

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