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And the winner is ….

The winner in the Insight Genesis-Mystery Tackle Box Sweepstakes is Darryl Duff. Congratulations, Darryl!

Darryl has won a one-year subscription to Mystery Tackle Box and a one-year Premium subscription to Insight Genesis.

Chosen at random, this was Darryl’s winning entry: “The best tool in my tackle box today is my trusty Baby Brush Hog. But when I hit the water with Insight Genesis and my new Mystery Tacklebox baits, I’ll out-fish Lee Miller and Michele Lonis Duff every time.

While we believe Insight Genesis custom maps are as important to catching more fish as any tool in your tackle box, we understand the desire to collect all the latest and greatest tackle available. With his Mystery Tackle Box subscription, Darryl will get a box of baits delivered to his door once a month for a year.

Stay tuned for a new give-away soon!

Didn’t win, but want new baits delivered to your door each month? Sign up for a Mystery Tackle Box subscription here:

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