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Insight Genesis in 3 Easy Steps

You can create a custom lake map in three easy steps with Insight Genesis. Yes, it’s really that simple! Three easy steps!

1. Record sonar data with your Lowrance or Simrad multi-function unit.

2. Upload the data to your online account.

3. Log into your account and view your maps, which are created automatically.

When the road makes underwater structure . . . map it!
When the road makes underwater structure . . . map it!

Collect, Upload, View:three stepsInsight Genesis uses the cloud to process data automatically for you.  The cloud is much more powerful than most computers, so it allows Genesis to create even more layers and detailed outputs than most desktop software.  It also makes possible the Insight Genesis Social Map, with which boaters can work together to quickly make higher-detail maps than are available for purchase. Each time you’re on the water, you can record log files to an SD card and then upload them to your account when you get home.

With a Premium subscription, you’ll also get vegetation and bottom-hardness maps and get the option to keep your sonar data private.  Keep data public and contribute to Social Map for the community of Lowrance and Simrad users.  The best of both worlds!  More on that here:  About Social Map

Don’t let that great sonar and GPS information scroll across your Lowrance HDS and then fall off the screen forever. Record that data and find key fish-holding structure with Insight Genesis and start catching more fish!

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