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VelocityTrack Doppler Unlock

Get instant visual feedback on the motion of radar targets in relation to your boat.

This powerful add-on offers yet another way for Halo™ radar to improve your situational awareness and reduce your risk of collision.
Using the Doppler effect, the VelocityTrack™ feature is able to detect motion on the first radar sweep for a useful view straight from standby.
This feature is available for any new or existing Halo™ radar system via the purchase of a one-time unlock code.

Key Features:

  • Greater situational awareness to help reduce your risk of collision.
  • Instantly identify how radar targets are moving in relation to your boat.
  • Automatic colour coding highlights approaching targets.
  • Optional colour coding de-emphasises diverging targets.
  • Detect motion from the first radar sweep.
  • Compatible with all Halo™ radar models and NSS evo3, NSS evo2, and NSO evo2 displays.
  • Available for any Halo™ radar system with the purchase of a one-time unlock code.

Software Requirements:

  • Halo Radar Software available now (NOS57)
  • Valid unlock purchased and activated

Buy unlock for $500 USA / €500 EMEA / $550 AU / $550 ROW

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